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100+100=192 Dyson Science DIY Project


Add water to ethanol and find out why it doesn’t add up. When mixed together, the combined molecules fit together better than when they are alone, so they take up…
Inertial Eggs Dyson Science DIY Project

Inertial Eggs

Use eggs to find out about momentum and changing direction. The fresh egg will start to spin again when the finger is released, while the other will remain at a…
Lenz's Law Dyson Science DIY Project

Lenz’s Law

Create a working demonstration of Lenz’s law. As the magnet falls down the tube it demonstrates Lenz’s law. Moving the magnet next to the non-magnetic metal induces an electrical current…
Tornado In A Bottle Dyson Science DIY Project

Tornado In A Bottle

Create a water vortex in a bottle. The water is rapidly spinning around the centre of the vortex due to centripetal force. This is an inward force directing an object…
Expanding Gases Dyson Science DIY Project

Expanding Gases

Find out what happens when gases are heated up or cooled down. Gas expands when it is heated. The rule is, if the pressure of a gas remains constant, the…
Liquid Densities Dyson Science DIY Project

Liquid Densities

Layer different liquids in a tube and discover how and why they settle in a certain order. Different liquids have different densities and therefore, different weights. The heaviest liquids will…
Balloon Kebabs Dyson Science DIY Project

Balloon Kebabs

Push a wooden skewer through a balloon without popping it, creating a “balloon kebab.” Most of the balloon is stretched evenly, but there are two points where the rubber is…
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