College: Columbia University
Certificate Price: $49
Length: 5 Weeks
Instructors: Beth E. Morgan, R.J. Jenkins, Skip Bailey, Tanya Ang, Dirk Vanderlaan, Tiffany Decker, Nick Utzig

Attaining Higher Education

Attaining Higher Education is a course designed to facilitate the successful transition of active duty service members and veterans to postsecondary education, whether at a two- or four-year college for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or even graduate school. Too often, service members and veterans transition with little information, or incorrect information, about what makes students successfully realize their goals through higher education. Frequently they are left to navigate a difficult and complicated transition to higher education without robust support or complete information.

This course is designed to break down the process of transition to education and to assist service members in finding an educational program that fully maximizes their potential. The course:

lays out how to approach admissions processes to institutions of higher education
guides students through the self-assessment needed to determine if and how to apply wisely
challenges students to consider the factors which make a college a right fit for them
offers an overview of the college application process, whether at a community college or four-year college
provides a summary of the most common sources of financial aid available to many transitioning service members and veterans
From intentional decision making–a method through which service members and veterans connect their life and military experiences with a potential academic or career path–to choosing a right fit college, understanding the application process, and financing their education, this course will provide tangible ways to successfully navigate all of these benchmarks in the transition to higher education.

While this course is open to everyone, the content has been tailored specifically for active duty service members and veterans, especially those who aspire to start school or return to school soon, and higher education professionals who work to support student veterans.

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