Your Adventures at CERN: Play the Hero Among Particles and a Particular Dinosaur!

Letizia Diamante

As soon as you open this book, YOU become the protagonist! You will be catapulted to CERN, one of the world’s most famous laboratories, a real scientific wonderland of underground tunnels, massive experiments, and technological marvels. You can choose to play the role of a researcher, a student, or a tourist, but keep your eyes open for a threatening dinosaur.

Is it coming from the nearby Jura Mountains, the same place that gave Jurassic its name? Prepare yourself for a bizarre adventure filled with brain-tickling facts about particles and scientific wonders. Unfold the story, explore the mysteries of the Universe, and most importantly, have fun with the games and quizzes! Are you ready to face the huge prehistoric beast and discover the secrets of tiny particles?