Alvin Tresselt and Roger Duvoisin

“The legendary picture book duo Alvin Tresselt and Roger Duvoisin’s classic Caldecott Medal-winning picture book about a neighborhood transformed by a delightful snowfall.

When the first flakes of snow fell from the grey sky, the postman, farmer, police officer, and his wife dashed about doing all the practical things grownups do when a snowstorm hits. On the other hand, the children laughed and danced, catching the lacy snowflakes on their tongues.

This book captures all of a child’s wonder and delight in a snowfall—the frost ferns on the windowsill, the snowman in the yard, and the mystery and magic of a new white world.

Roger Duvoisin’s soft blue half-tones with brilliant splashes of yellow and red emphasize the text’s happiness, humor, and poetic quality.

This classic picture book, first published in 1947, won the 1948 Caldecott Medal and was the first of Alvin Tresselt and Roger Duvoisin’s eighteen picture book collaborations.”