Jo Boaler

What’s Math Got to Do With It? is a book that can help bridge the gaps in how we educate our students about mathematics. Our traditional approach to math often sets up students for failure and leaves them feeling frustrated, bored, or like they don’t have any interest in learning. What this book brings to the table is a new way of looking at math as something accessible, exciting, and engaging- not just a set of tedious rules or formulas that nobody really cares about.

What’s Math Got to Do With It? is geared towards educators, giving them unique strategies to reach students who struggle with math and provide a stimulating learning experience for all. Good instruction isn’t the only factor- it requires establishing the right environment and providing support from adults outside the classroom so that math can be viewed as more than just another academic requirement. This book takes important steps toward showing us what it takes for math to become something our students embrace instead of avoid.