Liz Yohlin Baill

“There are countless different ways to think about colors. Shine and pop with color. Warm colors make us feel warm, whereas cool colors make us shiver. They can even convey our emotions, such as being happy or depressed. How Do Colors Work? Introduces young learners to color via colorful pieces of art that pique their interest and fill them with joy.

Children are inspired to consider how artists utilize color by the vibrant paintings, sculptures, and other pieces from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. How do colors convey emotion? Can one use loud or gentle colors? Children respond to interesting, insightful questions that connect the world of art and their own experiences as they learn the fundamentals of color theory, from mixing to contrast and color wheels. Kids can learn to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of the colors around us by participating in various independent activities, such as a scavenger hunt and a meditation technique based on color.”