Carlos Ramos Pacussich

After 97 years, Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity is now declared totally invalid. This book indicates the precise mathematical error where Einstein’s theory becomes moot. The main point of Einstein’s theory was that we could not travel, not even near, the speed of light. Now that this theory is invalid, we can see that travel at the speed of light or faster is, indeed, possible. Furthermore, this book proves that even with Einstein’s equation of, there is no conversion of mass to Energy, under a very special circumstance which, again, corroborates that travel at any speed is possible. Anyone with the knowledge of basic algebra would be able to read and understand how this error destroyed Einstein’s theory.

Next, this book provides the initial building blocks to understand how we can achieve superphoton speeds. We are not there yet but, we are now on our way. How fast can we go? Well, maybe we should look at how fast we need to go. That is to say, if we want to travel within our galaxy or beyond. This book provides a brief picture of our Universe. Our galaxy is 95,000 light-years wide. So, it would take us 95,000, of our years, to cross it going at the speed of light. If our ambition is to go far beyond our galaxy, then we may need to go at speeds greater than 100,000 times the speed of light. Impossible? Not really.

In the 19th Century no one saw it possible to go faster than the speed of sound. The mathematical error mentioned above, makes it necessary now to correct many professional and text books, to erase a “correction factor” introduced by Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. That factor is: Yes, we need to erase this factor from all scientific formulas. In Quantum Mechanics we say that a particular entangled state can be realized in different ways and, if we were able to distinguish two realizations of the same density operator, then we could send signals faster than the speed of light. Since this would be in violation of the Special