Raymond Smullyan

In this delightful and demanding collection of logic problems, Raymond Smullyan continues to thrill and astonish us with his ability to make some of the most significant mathematical thinking of our time available to us in the fully pleasurable form of puzzles.

His book begins by transporting us once more to that great domain where knights, knaves, identical twin sisters, quadruplet brothers, gods, devils, and mortals either always tell the truth or never lie, and where truth-seekers are confronted with a wide range of intriguing difficulties. A magical and profound metapuzzle concludes the segment, in which Inspector Craig of Scotland Yard becomes embroiled in a hunt for the Fountain of Youth on the Island of Knights and Knaves, which is set on the island of Knights and Knaves.

After a summer-long journey with the Inspector into the subject of combinatory logic (a form of logic that has substantial applications in computer science and artificial intelligence), we conclude To Mock a Mockingbird in its second installment. In his story, which includes enchanted forests, talking birds, bird sociologists, and a conventional quest, he gives us the joy of solving riddles of increasing complexity along the way until we arrive at Master Forest and the ultimate reveal.