Andy Goldsworthy

With the publication of this first paperback edition of his tremendously successful Time, internationally known artist Andy Goldsworthy presents a diverse body of work that uses the concept of time as a medium: The shape of a big rectangle of compacted snow on a Scottish hillside becomes increasingly obvious as the surrounding snowfall melts away; clay walls dry up and break, exposing new forms imbedded within them; and a sculpture of re-formed icicles catches the early morning sunlight. In this stunning collection of color images, Goldsworthy’s art is celebrated for the many ways in which it alludes to the passing of time in various contexts.

This insightful overview, which contains a full illustrated chronology by Terry Friedman and includes significant pieces as well as fascinating passages from Goldsworthy’s working diaries, is a must-have for anybody who appreciates Goldsworthy’s art.