Michael Dine

This Way to the Universe is a celebration of the astounding, ongoing scientific investigations that have revealed the nature of reality at its smallest, largest, and the scale of our daily lives. The enigmas that Professor Michael Dine discusses are like landmarks on a fantastic journey to the edge of the universe.

Asked where to find out about the Big Bang, Dark Matter, the Higgs boson particle–the long cutting edge of physics right now–, Dine had no book he could recommend. This is his accessible, authoritative, and up-to-date answer. Comprehensible to anyone with a high-school level education, with almost no equations, there is no better author to take you on this amazing odyssey.

Dine is widely recognized as having profoundly contributed to our understanding of matter, time, the Big Bang, and even what might have come before it. 

This Way to the Universe touches on many emotional, critical points in his great career while presenting mind-bending physics, like his answer to the Dark Matter and Dark Energy mysteries and the ideas that explain why our universe consists of something rather than nothing. People assume that String Theory can never be tested. 

However, Dine intrepidly explores exactly how the theory might be tested experimentally and the pitfalls of falling in love with math. This book reflects a lifetime pursuing the deepest mysteries of reality by one of the most humble and warmly engaging voices you will ever read.