David Wiesner

“clever, whimsical, and sartorial Review of a New York Times book
This picture book from the author of Tuesday and Flotsam opens with a story that may seem familiar: three pigs are getting ready to build houses out of straw, logs, and bricks. However, this picture book elevates the visual narrative to a new level. However, the Big Bad Wolf huffs and puffs the first tiny pig straight out of the story and into the realm of pure fantasy when he comes hunting for a feast! A diverse range of art techniques is dotted with dialogue balloons that guide readers through a vibrant fantasy environment to the unexpectedly upbeat conclusion. You’ll never view “The Three Little Pigs” or other works of art in the same way again ” “A humorous, wildly imaginative story that inspires readers to think critically about traditional stories and illustrations and perhaps use their imaginations to craft fantastic subversive versions of their own stories.” — Starred Review, ALA Booklist.”