Katy Cook

“Misinformation. Loss of employment, an overabundance of information monetary disparity, digital dependency, the erosion of truth itself, civility, and democracy.

The norms, beliefs, and traits that shape behavior in Silicon Valley, the world’s high-tech epicenter, as well as the industry it represents, are examined in this open access book. It has become clear how little we know about the companies driving these developments in an age where the scope and influence of a single industry have the power to determine the course of our planet. The Psychology of Silicon Valley is an insightful look at the most powerful industry in the world and how Big Tech’s identity, culture, myths, and goals are affecting society.

The book makes the case that Silicon Valley’s terrible morals and lack of emotional intelligence will have long-lasting effects on everything from social equality to the nature of work in the future to our collective mental health. Katy Cook skillfully guides us through Silicon Valley’s psychological terrain, including its leadership, ethical, and cultural issues, and articulately argues why we can no longer afford to disregard the psychology and principles that underlie our technology.”