Julio Mario Ottino

A fundamentally new style of thinking is required to tackle today’s difficult problems; this new way of thinking integrates art, technology, and science to boost human creativity and understanding. Future innovators will need to be able to balance their creativity and execution skills, as well as manage complicated issues like pandemics and climate change. The Nexus is the location of this convergence. Julio Mario Ottino and Bruce Mau provide a roadmap for traversing the nexuses of art, technology, and science in this thought-provoking and aesthetically stunning book.

The Nexus combines words and pictures to equip us—both as individuals and as organizations—ready for the opportunities and challenges of the twenty-first century. From the Renaissance, when the domains were one, to the twentieth century, with strong, collaborative creative outpourings from locations as dissimilar as the Bauhaus and Bell Labs, compelling historical examples explain the present. Leaders must be able to understand simplicity in complexity and complexity in simplicity. They must also embrace the potent concept of complementarity, which allows opposing extremes to coexist while expanding our understanding. More than managing is needed for innovation. Leaders create compasses; managers use maps.”