The Mathematics of Love

Hannah Fry

The emotional roller coaster of romance is difficult to define; it is impossible to predict how lovers could feel from a set of basic formulae. However, this does not rule out the use of mathematics as a valuable tool in studying romantic relationships.

Love, like the majority of things in life, follows a pattern. Mathematics is ultimately the study of patterns—from predicting the weather to stock market oscillations, planet movements, and the growth of cities, to name a few examples. Patterns that twist and turn, warp and evolve, precisely like the love rituals, are depicted here.

A fascinating trip through the patterns that determine our love lives is described in The Mathematics of Love by Dr. Hannah Fry, who applies mathematical formulas to the most frequent yet complicated problems relating to love: Where do you think your chances of finding love are? What is the likelihood that it will be successful? What is the specific mechanism through which online dating algorithms operate? Is it possible to use game theory to assist us in determining who to approach in a bar? When should you start thinking about marriage in your dating life?

With great insight, wit, and fun, the author demonstrates that math can be a surprisingly useful tool in navigating the difficult, often puzzling, sometimes annoying, but always exciting mysteries of love. Dr. Fry’s book is a must-read for everyone who likes math and science fiction.