The Book of Numbers

John H. Conway

With its unique approach, The Book of Numbers delves into various number sequences, individual numbers, and even number structures to provide an immersive exploration of this fascinating topic.

Conway expertly navigates through specific number sequences like primes and Stirling numbers, delving into numbers with special significance such as the square root of 2 and π. He also explores the intriguing world of figurate numbers, algebraic numbers, complex numbers, infinitesimals, and surreal numbers, captivating readers with the diverse properties and structures that numbers possess.

To capture your attention from the beginning, The Book of Numbers kicks off with an engaging chapter on number words, revealing interesting English words that hide numbers within them. Prepare to be amazed as you uncover the hidden meanings behind common words like biscuit and uncial.

While the aim of The Book of Numbers is to cater to curious readers without an extensive mathematical background, some sections do require a higher level of mathematical reasoning. Although the book is devoid of complex formulas and equations, the combinatorial and geometric topics may prove challenging for the average reader to understand unaided.

The Book of Numbers holds special appeal for mathematicians who possess some prior knowledge of the subject matter. As you delve into the book’s pages, you’ll be delighted by the surprising connections and revelations that Conway reveals, expanding your understanding of the intricate world of numbers.

Embark on a captivating journey through the realms of numbers with The Book of Numbers by John Conway. Whether you’re a seasoned mathematician or simply have a curious mind, this book is sure to impress with its intriguing content and unique perspective.