Robert Fathauer

“The goal of Tessellations: Mathematics, Art, and Recreation are to give non-specialists a thorough introduction to tessellations (tiling). Additionally, it discusses methods, pointers, and templates that make it easier to produce tessellation-based mathematical art. The reader is given access to fascinating and beautiful math and art with the inclusion of specific themes like spiral tilings and tessellation metamorphoses.

The design style known as “Escheresque,” in which the individual tiles represent recognized real-world themes, is given special attention in this book. These are very common among students and math enthusiasts, but they can be very difficult to execute. These designs are made more feasible by the methods illustrated in the book. The book includes several nets of polyhedra and templates for adding Escheresque designs to them, going beyond planar designs.

The book is filled with exercises and worksheets and includes illustrations of tessellations found in the real world.

key attributes

Introduces symmetry and the mathematics of tessellations.
Covers polygonal, aperiodic, and non-Euclidean tilings and includes instructional material on creating and depicting tessellations in the style of Escher.
demonstrates multiple real-world instances of tessellations
Individual or group activities
filled with templates for making tessellations a la Escher
covers specialized subjects including tile ornamentation, fractal tessellations, and tiling rosettes.”