W. A. Bentley

“W. A. Bentley captured hundreds of snowflakes in his Jericho, Vermont, workshop over the course of almost a century, photographing them and sharing samples of his amazing work with scientists and art educators. No two snowflakes are precisely the same, but they all have a common hexagon as their base, and his painstakingly created photos were astonishing disclosures of nature’s variation in uniformity.
The greatest of Bentley’s photographs were collected and published in 1931 by the American Meteorological Society; this work has long been available in a Dover reprint version. From that wider collection, 72 of the greatest plates (including more than 850 royalty-free, black-and-white images) were carefully chosen for this edition.
These elegant patterns are perfect for use in textile and wallpaper design, as well as a variety of other creative projects. They are an endless source of design inspiration for artists, designers, and craftspeople. Anyone fascinated by the complexity and beauty of design in the natural world will likewise be drawn to these photos.”