Thomas Povey

Professor Povey’s Perplexing Problems is a collection of 109 of Thomas Povey’s favorite problems in physics and mathematics that he has collected over the years. Using his imagination and exposition to guide us through uncompromisingly tough ground, he stretches our ideas while encouraging a joyful and inquisitive attitude to learning. He compares the puzzles to children’s toys. We should choose the one that we enjoy the most and spend some time with it.

You will be challenged to think critically and creatively, and you will be filled with interest and love for physics if you take on these challenges, whether you are a young scientist or an experienced professional. The questions, which are presented with beauty and wit, bridge the gap between high-school and university-entrance standard content. With an intriguing and refreshing blend of scientific history, application, and personal tale, the detailed answers are made a little more bearable.

On this delightful and quirky journey through pre-university mathematics and physics, the author demonstrates that behind every single one of these questions is a new way of thinking about subjects that we thought we knew well before we started reading. He contends that dealing with the unknown is essential for acquiring deeper insights and intellectual freedom as well as for building intellectual independence. Professor Povey’s Perplexing Problems is a manifesto for the idea that science should be fun, as well as a celebration of those who are curious about the world.