Charles Dickens

The classic coming-of-age story told by Charles Dickens is now available in a stunning clothbound Penguin edition. This is the book that Dickens referred to as his “favorite child,” and it is widely regarded as the most autobiographical book of his works. Dickens draws openly and revealingly on his own life throughout the course of David’s narration of his experiences, which span from his childhood to the time when he realized that becoming a successful novelist was his calling. In addition to Mr. Micawber, a portrait of Dickens’s father who evokes feelings of love, nostalgia, and guilt, the cast includes the gloriously vivid Rosa Dartle, Dora, Steerforth, and the ‘humble Uriah Heep. Also featured is the gloriously vivid Rosa Dartle. The great Bildungsroman written by Dickens (which is partially based on his own childhood) is a work brimming with life, both comedic and tragic. The Pickwick Papers, Charles Dickens’s (1812–1970) debut novel, catapulted him to instant fame, and he never turned his back on literary greatness after that. In the course of his extraordinarily busy life, he wrote, campaigned, and gave speeches on a vast array of topics. He was also involved in many of the most important aspects of Victorian life, and he was, at various times, persuasive, moving, and irritating. He finished writing fourteen novels of substantial length in addition to volume after volume of journalism. He referred to David Copperfield as his “favorite child” out of all of his many published works. Jeremy Tambling is currently serving as the University of Manchester’s Professor of Literature.