Shinya Inoué

“This book is Shinya Inoué’s autobiography, and it details his life from childhood all the way up until the present day. Even though he has made a great number of contributions to science, perhaps the one that stands out the most is his work on the visualization of dynamics in living cells through the use of a polarizing light microscope. This was an innovation that fundamentally altered the field of cell biology.

The story begins with a prologue that describes the end of World War II and Inoué’s lifelong collaborator, the great cell biologist Katsuma Dan. This is meant to appeal to readers who are interested in knowing why and how he achieved such great success. The author then goes on to describe his childhood and the experiences he had as a teenager during World War II. After this, the focus of the narrative shifts to his scientific career and his personal life.

Not only does the book provide young researchers with helpful advice, but it also encourages them to cultivate an interest in the scientific field.”