Mathematicians in Love

Rudy Rucker

Mathematicians in Love is a riveting new science fiction novel from the writer who twice won the Philip K. Dick Award for best SF novel. Bela and Paul, two wild young mathematicians, are friends and roommates and in love with the same woman, who happens to be Alma, Bela’s girlfriend. They fight it by changing reality by using advanced math to change who gets the girl.

The contemporary world they live in is not quite this one, but the two graduate students are trying to finish their degrees and get jobs in Berkeley, California. It doesn’t help that their unpredictable advisor Roland is a mad mathematical genius who has figured out a way to predict isolated and specific bits of the future that can cause trouble. He’s starting to see monsters in mirrors. Bela and Paul begin to mess around with reality, and when that happens, all heaven and hell break loose. Those monsters of Roland’s were there, but who were they? This novel is a romantic comedy with a whole corkscrew of SF twists.