Odo Diekmann, Hans Heesterbeek, and Tom Britton

“Our understanding of how infectious diseases spread across individuals and populations depends on mathematical models. This book is the first study of the topic to integrate deterministic and stochastic models and methodologies, and it provides readers with the knowledge and abilities to build and analyze mathematical models appropriately in infectious disease epidemiology.

Tools for Understanding Infectious Disease Using Mathematics Dynamics describes in detail how to utilize mathematical reasoning and biological interpretation to create helpful and consistent models. It also shows how to use these models for analysis. It demonstrates how to use statistical inference to connect models and data and how to apply mathematical findings to biology to acquire crucial insights into the dynamics of infectious diseases. Numerous in-depth activities are scattered throughout this extensive and approachable book, and full explanations are given for each practice.

Provides coverage of the most recent findings in the mathematical modeling of infectious disease epidemiology.
Incorporating stochastic and deterministic methods
teaches models’ creation, analysis, inference, and understanding, including several activities and their in-depth explanations.
throughout inspired by real-world uses.”