Roozbeh Hazrat

This textbook introduces the wide variety of features and powerful mathematical functions offered by Mathematica through many examples that are explained in detail and problems that have been solved. At the beginning of each part is an explanation of the new subject matter, followed by several instances of the fundamental concepts. After then, the author walks the reader through three different types of challenges using the new commands.

Although it is based on a computer algebra course taught to undergraduate students of mathematics, science, engineering, and finance, the book also includes chapters on calculus and solving equations, as well as graphics, and therefore covers all of the fundamental topics in Mathematica. The course is designed for mathematics, science, engineering, and finance students. Because of its heavy emphasis on programming and problem solving, as well as its emphasis on using numerical problems that do not require any particular background in mathematics, this book is also ideal for self-study, and it is an excellent introduction for researchers who wish to use Mathematica as a computational tool.