Olivia Cosneau

“Did you realize that “dinosaur” is Latin for “huge lizard”? Have you ever heard of an animal that consumed countless pounds of vegetation each day in order to survive? Do you also know the name of the largest flying creature ever discovered?

All of these inquiries and many more will be addressed in the children’s book In the Age of Dinosaurs, which offers a variety of interactive games, stickers, and interesting information. This book, which Olivia Cosneau has lovingly illustrated, introduces kids to the world of dinosaurs and keeps them occupied for hours with enjoyable activities like putting on a Tyrannosaurus rex’s missing bottom teeth or coloring in the back plates of a Stegosaurus. Children gain knowledge about the various kinds of dinosaurs that once lived, as well as about their food, hunting techniques, methods for raising their young, and other fascinating details. The book’s final quiz puts their knowledge to the test.”