Paul J. Nahin

“Many of the phenomena that we frequently encounter can be explained by physics. It can explain the origins of the tides, why the night is so black, and even the best methods for catching a baseball. Popular math and science author Paul Nahin explores the science and math that underlie the wonders of everyday life in his book In Praise of Simple Physics. He demonstrates how physics teaches us how to get more energy from renewable sources, measure the gravity in our car garages, determine which of three light switches in the basement controls the light bulb in the attic, and much more as he wanders through a variety of problems.

How quickly can you go from Paris to London? How can scientists determine an atomic bomb explosion’s energy? How can a football be kicked so that it remains in the air and travels far downfield? Nahin starts with easier tasks and advances to more difficult ones. His explanations are humorously interspersed throughout and are both enjoyable and understandable. It is assumed that readers have some foundational knowledge of differential and integral calculus. This book has an exciting scenario for you, whether you merely have a personal interest in physics’ impact on the world or you’re an engineering and science student who wants to learn more about physics.

In Praise of Simple Physics demonstrates that physics can explain even the most astounding daily occurrences if we take the time to carefully observe the world around us.”