Margot Lee Shetterly

“Mathematically gifted individuals include Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden… truly excellent.

They were involved in some of NASA’s most important achievements, such as providing the calculations for the first American missions into space, which they helped to accomplish. They did this during a time when being both black and a woman placed restrictions on the possibilities open to them. However, they put in a lot of effort. They did not give up. And they put their brilliant minds to work to alter the course of history.

In this beautifully illustrated picture book edition, we explore the story of four female African American mathematicians who worked at NASA and were known as “colored computers.” We also examine how these women overcame gender and racial barriers to succeed in a highly challenging STEM-based career.

Brightly proclaims in their article, “18 Must-Read Picture Books of 2018,” “Finally, the extraordinary lives of four African American women who helped NASA put the first men in space is available for picture book readers.” “Will inspire girls and boys alike to love math, believe in themselves, and reach for the stars.”