Giovanni Domenico Cassini: A Modern Astronomer in the 17th Century

Gabriella Bernardi

“This book provides a fascinating account of the life and scientific achievements of Giovanni Domenico Cassini, also known as Cassini I. He was the most famous astronomer of his time and is remembered today, in particular, for his observations of the rings and satellites of Saturn as well as his earlier construction of the great meridian line in the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna. This book can be purchased here. His early childhood was spent in Perinaldo, and he attended the well-known Jesuit College in Genoa. Later in life, he had experiences in Bologna and Paris, and all of these stages of his life are recounted in a manner that is both interesting and informative. On the other hand, the scientific aspects of his life take center stage here.

This book examines his impressive body of work in a variety of fields while also calling attention to the international nature of his endeavors, the rigor of his research, and his outstanding management skills, all of which combined to make him an early embodiment of the “European scientist.” [citation needed] It was also because of these abilities that he came to the attention of the most powerful king in Europe, Louis XIV of France (also known as the “Sun King”), and it was under the patronage of Louis XIV that he established the Paris Observatory in 1671. He would spend the rest of his life working at the Observatory, where he would make most of his significant scientific discoveries. He would go on to serve as Director of the Observatory.”