Ian Stewart

“Twelve essays explore the topic in a lighthearted manner, examining topics such as how to play poker over the phone without the chance of cheating, how to tell believable facts from plausible fallacies, and how to deal mathematically with contorted worms, inebriated tennis players, and snakes that eat their own tails.
Ian Stewart, a lecturer at the University of Warwick and a former columnist for Scientific American’s “Mathematical Games” section, is the author of Another Fine Math You’ve Got Me Into… as well as numerous other volumes of mathematical amusements, popular science, and science fiction. This collection of pun-filled stories showcases his tremendous skill for turning challenging ideas in modern mathematics into engaging, approachable fun. Stewart investigates the more original theories of Pascal and Fermat, shows how to create your own virus, introduces many types of infinite, and even provides a dozen unique puzzles for each of the twelve days of Christmas.”