Workman Publishing

“Everything You Need to Know to Be Successful Math teaches students everything they need to know to get over any obstacle in mathematics, including fractions, decimals, and how to multiply and divide them; ratios, proportions, and percentages; geometry; statistics and probability; expressions and equations; and the coordinate plane and functions.

The BIG FAT NOTEBOOKTM series is based on a straightforward and captivating premise, and that is stealing the notes from the student who is considered to be the most intelligent in the class. There is a total of five books, each covering the primary subjects covered in middle school: mathematics, science, American history, English language arts, and world history. Each of these books is the only book you need for that particular subject. Every topic’s most important ideas, condensed and organized for easy consumption, can be found inside the reader: Ideas that are essentially being highlighted in neon colors. Explanations of various definitions Doodles are drawn in markers that shed light on complicated ideas. Mnemonic devices to aid in the retention of information. And quizzes to recap it all.

In addition to complying with the Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and state history standards, the BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS have been reviewed and approved by teachers who have won National and State Teacher of the Year Awards. They make education more enjoyable and provide the ideal next step for any child who grew up playing Brain Quest.”