Thomas H. Cormen

“An interesting introduction to the fundamentals of computer algorithms for anyone who has ever pondered how computers solve issues.

Have you ever questioned how your GPS can choose the quickest route from what seems like an infinite number of options in a matter of seconds? How is your credit card account number protected when you make an online transaction? The solution is an algorithm. And how do these mathematical constructions translate into your smartphone, laptop, or GPS? This book gives a well-written introduction to the fundamentals of computer algorithms. Thomas Cormen, the coauthor of the top college textbook on the subject, offers a general explanation of how algorithms help computers solve issues in Algorithms Unlocked.

The definition, description, and evaluation of computer algorithms are all taught to the readers. They will learn how to solve basic problems that can be modeled in a computer with a mathematical structure called a “graph” (useful for modeling road networks, dependencies between tasks, and financial relationships); how to solve problems that ask questions about strings of characters like DNA structures; the fundamentals of binary search; and how to sort information in a computer into a predetermined order (sorting).”