Reviel Netz

Explore the groundbreaking world of ancient Greek mathematics as never before with this brilliant and ambitious book, A New History of Greek Mathematics by renowned expert Reviel Netz. From Archimedes to the scientific revolution, be captivated by the context and cultural developments that shaped these extraordinary mathematical achievements.

Unlike the traditional “old history” of Greek mathematics, Netz’s “new history” challenges us to delve deeper into the why and how behind these accomplishments. With seven chapters that guide us through the chronological progression of ideas, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding that transcends ancient Greece and connects to the modern world.

Richly illustrated with accurate diagrams and awe-inspiring images, you’ll be transported into the world of ancient mathematics. The Antikythera mechanism, a marvel of ancient technology and a modern reconstruction, is fully described and depicted. The bibliography and suggested readings are meticulously chosen, providing a wealth of resources for further exploration. And with a comprehensive index, finding specific information is a breeze.

A New History of Greek Mathematics is an essential addition to any collection, offering a captivating look into the finest mathematics ever produced. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embark on this enlightening journey through Greek mathematics.