Dirk J. Struik

In the world of mathematics, few books can captivate readers even after fifty years of publication. However, Dirk Struik’s A Concise History of Mathematics is an exception. First published in 1948, this remarkable book has undergone four editions and has been translated into eighteen different languages.

What sets A Concise History apart is its unique approach to the subject. Unlike previous standard histories that focused solely on the growth of knowledge, stripped of any social context, Struik delves into the social and political factors that shaped mathematical developments. He brings to light the rich diversity of ideas and cultures that exist within the mathematical realm.

For many budding historians of mathematics, A Concise History was a revelation. It opened their eyes to a world brimming with the interplay of mathematical concepts, institutions, and people. While not everyone may choose to pursue a career in this field, Struik’s impact on those individuals cannot be overlooked.

So, what makes this book so successful and enduring? It can be attributed not only to circumstantial factors but also to the author’s remarkable qualifications and character. Dirk Struik’s deep love for both mathematics and history, instilled in him by his father, a grammar school teacher, shines through in every page.

A Concise History of Mathematics is a must-read for anyone seeking to explore the fascinating world of mathematics and its intricate connection to society. Its enduring freshness will captivate readers from all walks of life.