Oliver Jeffers

A young girl navigates her raft through a sea of words to reach the home of a young boy, where she invites him to join her on an adventure before she sails away. Together, they embark on a fantastical journey that frees the boy’s imagination. Along the way, they pass through enchanted forests, make their way across make-believe mountains, and explore make-believe cities. Now that he has this opportunity, he has a lifetime of magic and adventure ahead of him. But who will be the next?

A Child of Books is a stunning prose poem on the rewards of reading and sharing stories. It combines the elegant illustrations of Oliver Jeffers with Sam Winston’s typographical landscapes, which are shaped from excerpts of children’s classics and lullabies. Readers will find the experience of reading this book to be immersive and unforgettable, and they will want to pass it on to others.