Stephen Hawking

If science is your passion, then A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking is the perfect read for you. Hawking’s work, a classic in scientific literature, explores fundamental questions about our universe and its very nature. Taking difficult science topics and making them understandable to readers with any science background, Hawking leads us on a journey through space and time — from the Big Bang to black holes and beyond. Perfect for those looking to dig deeper into science, this book will provide a stimulating read that challenges the reader’s thinking about science and its place in the universe.

A Brief History of Time explores the strange worlds of black holes and quarks, antimatter and “arrows of time,” the big bang, and a more powerful God, all while using language accessible to everyone. Here, the possibilities are amazing and unexpected. With his captivating imagery and vivid imagination, Stephen Hawking draws us closer to the greatest mysteries at the center of creation.